Four Great Reads for Personal Growth

I’m an avid reader and always have a few books on my “currently reading” list. Typically, I have at least one fiction and one personal growth book in progress. Personal development has become a lifestyle for me. I think it’s essential to be constantly refilling my cup with inspiration and new ideas in order to become the best version of myself. While I love taking long chunks of time to read, especially on vacation or while traveling, I also carve out about 30 minutes a day to read. Of course there are loads of great articles online, fabulous podcasts, and inspiring quotes galore on social media, but there’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned book.

Here are a five personal growth books that I’ve enjoyed recently and have found myself recommending often:

Daring Greatly
Brené Brown

I’m actually still in progress with reading this one. I picked it up after Brené Brown was announced as our keynote speaker for Stella & Dot Hoopla, our annual conference. Brown shares her research findings on vulnerability – a topic that makes pretty much everyone super uncomfortable, most notably the author herself. I’ve had a lot of “AHA” moments so far, but the connection between vulnerability and living a wholehearted life is the kicker. Brown identifies that those who experience the most joy and connection in life are those who are willing to take on the risk that occurs when they let others in and expose their true selves – which invites potential pain! This is tough, right!? Vulnerability is scary, but Brown has me convinced that finding the courage to be vulnerable is essential to living a full life.

Jesus Feminist
Sarah Bessey

While this isn’t a typical personal development book, I found Jesus Feminist to be incredibly thought-provoking. This book helped me personally find more clarity in how my beliefs about who I am as a Christian (saved by Jesus) and who I am as a woman (equally worthy as men and not socially bound by specific roles) align. Bessey is not afraid to be super critical of the church and call out a few areas we’re just not getting it right as an organization. She breaks down some really interesting scripture that’s often used to justify marginalizing women in the church, putting it in historical context and explaining how the words are manipulated beyond their intention. Bessey argues that Jesus actually was the original Feminist. Mind = blown. I think this is a great read for Christian women and men alike, but also worthwhile to anyone who is willing to have an open mind and look at things from a new point of view.

Find Your Extraordinary
Jessica DiLullo Herrin

I wouldn’t be a good Stella & Dot Stylist if I left this one off the list! 😉 In all reality, I loved reading this book SO much and I really do recommend it all the time. Jessica Herrin is the CEO & Founder of Stella & Dot and she is a genius. Her business knowledge and leadership skills are incredible. The audience for this book is truly not limited to Stella & Dot or even business owners. Herrin focuses on the qualities she has determined are part of the entrepreneurial spirit and shares how to apply them to your life in all areas in order to “achieve success on your own terms.” While this book is one big dose of inspiration and a motivational kick in the ass, the best takeaway I got was a tactical application around time management. Herrin actually refers to it as “time mastery” because we can’t actually manage time – it’s going to pass no matter what and none of us have a monopoly on busy. I became much more aware of how I was allotting my time after reading this, and thus became more productive. Now that’s a win! It was also inspiration for my post, Is Being Busy Holding You Back?

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us
Daniel H. Pink

As a coach, Drive is totally fascinating. While this is an excellent book for any leader or aspiring leader to read, simply gaining insight into the origins of your own motivation is valuable. Pink reveals that our culture is mistakenly caught up with extrinsic motivation and dives into history to shed light on the roots of that trend. He explains that true motivation comes from within and argues that what people really want is more autonomy over their own lives. There are a few really great examples of businesses and organizations that are thriving by giving their employees more control – even one from my hometown of Charlottesville, VA, which was a fun surprise! This book impacted how I strive to lead, which is by empowering others to achieve their own success and viewing myself as someone who is there to help them along that journey.

If you plan to pick any of these up, I’d love to know which one caught your attention. Have you read any of these already? What did you think?

Please let me know in the comments and share any personal development books you would recommend, too! Thanks for reading! 🙂


Style Inspiration: Novelty Prints

Is there anything more fun than a bold, whimsical novelty print? Animals, fruits, food…you name it, and I probably like it! I just love striking up a conversation with someone who asks, “Are those CATS on your scarf?!” True story – I have a Lilly Pulitzer scarf from several seasons ago that is a cat print disguised as houndstooth. Life is too short for boring clothes!
Summer invites a whole new level of punchy prints enhanced by bright color palettes. We’ll likely see florals, citrus, and pineapple prints each year, but there are a few unique motifs that are dominating this season.

2017 is most certainly the year of the flamingo! From apparel, to lipstick colors, to home decor items, and party decorations, the iconic pink bird reigns supreme. My recent wish list post got a lot of love on the (sadly sold out) Jack Rogers sandals, so I know y’all are already loving flamingos as much as I do! I love pink so you know I’m going to adore all those cute pink flamingo prints! The Lilly romper in the collage above is SO adorable – it’s hard to tell from this photo, but there are flamingos on each arm – you can see their heads up by the model’s shoulders. Fun fact: I recently learned that a flock of flamingos is called a FLAMBOYANCE.


More flamingo inspiration:


This section is dedicated to Diane Arons, who rocked watermelon style last summer. #trendsetter
Watermelons for the win this season! Who else is just itching to bite into a slice of juicy, ripe watermelon while sitting outside under the hot summer sun?? I am dreaming of it and it’s right around the corner! My mom is an amazing seamstress and often made dresses for me when I was little. There’s one I will never forget from when I was about four years old; it was the cutest watermelon dress! The bib of the dress was like a big watermelon slice. It was one of my favorite outfits. I guess my personal style hasn’t evolved THAT much! 🙂

More watermelon inspiration:

You may be wondering: HOW do I incorporate novelty prints into my wardrobe? My number one tip is to OWN IT. Use these fun patterns to display your confidence. If you’re wearing a printed dress or top, keep your necklace simple, like the Kari Necklace. Bold earrings like the Gita Tassel Earrings would be GORGEOUS and really make the pattern pop. For a novelty accessory like a watermelon clutch or flamingo shoes, go for the bold. Don’t be afraid to wear something like this with a graphic print! Think a pink gingham top with a pink watermelon clutch, or striped shorts with flamingo flats. White denim and gold metallics make bright-colored patterns look extra chic.
Will you wear flamingo or watermelon prints this summer? Or BOTH? Let me know in the comments, and any questions you have on how to style them! Thanks for reading!

How to Pack in a Carry-On Bag

This year has been so abundant with travel that my friends and family have started to say, “so, where are you jetting off to next?” each time they see me. Most of my trips have been for business with a generous dash of fun. I’ve had the pleasure of traveling to Tucson, AZ; St. Petersburg, FL; Costa Rica; San Diego, CA; and Exuma, Bahamas within the past 5 months by air. In July, I’ll be heading to Las Vegas for Stella & Dot Hoopla.

Stylists – Leave me a note in the comments if I’ll see you at Hoopla! Check out my tipswhat to pack, and how to max out your experience. Non-Stylists – If you want to become a Stylist and join me there, let me know and I can hook you up!

After lugging a checked bag along on a few earlier trips, I decided I had had enough of overpacking and maneuvering a big suitcase. I mean, I could barely lift the thing simply due to the awkwardness of its size. My trips were typically only a few nights and it looked like I’d be gone for weeks. Has anyone else been there?!

I envied the people zipping through the airport, all their possessions in tow, without a worry their bags would be lost or the delay of waiting at the luggage carousel. I wanted to be one of those zippy airport travel pros. It was time to learn the art of packing in only a carry on suitcase.

Now I must say, my saving grace has been my Stella & Dot Getaway bag. This is the most amazing travel bag ever, and I promise I’m not just being biased because I rep the line! 🙂 It’s super roomy and works great for weekend trips in the car, too. For airline travel, I love that it fits under the seat in front of me, so it can be classified as my “personal item.” SCORE. Then I use a small rolling suitcase that I stow in the overhead bin. The Getaway also expands and can be stowed overhead as an option. It gives me peace of mind to know that if I can’t repack in a compact manner on my trip home for some reason, I can always expand the Getaway and check my rolling luggage as a last resort.

Would you believe that I fit all of the following into those two bags for multi-night trips: toiletry essentials, contact solution, laptop, ipad, charging cords, tons of Stella & Dot jewelry, makeup, my full-sized hair dryer, two hairbrushes, a mini steamer, multiple pairs of shoes, undergarments, socks, pajamas, a sweater/light jacket, swimsuits/coverups, an extra pair of sunglasses, a water bottle, a clutch, a tote bag, and more than enough outfits for each day? In fact, I’ve returned from every trip with clean clothing items that I didn’t even need to wear.

How is this possible?! Take a peek at my suitcase from my last trip. I actually snapped this photo on my way home:

Here are my packing hacks…

  • I roll my clothes. Rolling my clothes has been a game changer! I fold everything to about the same width, then roll as tightly as possible and start to fill up one end of the suitcase. It keeps the clothes so compact. I’ve always heard of this and didn’t really believe it made a difference. Newsflash: it does! I continue to stack and layer the rolled clothes and leave gaps for my toiletry and makeup pouches to nestle right in. 
  • I pack a travel steamer. It is worth making room for! After the clothes are rolled, there are no harsh creases, but everything is wrinkled and this baby really is a life saver. I use it several times a week at home, too. It’s such a low cost investment and it’s so convenient! In the photo above, the steamer is underneath the “Be Your Beautiful” pouch, which contains all my makeup.
  • I pack travel-sized toiletries/makeup and keep it low-maintenance. This is a no-brainer. Swap out bulky full-sized products for compact versions (and save the containers for refilling later on). You’ll also be good-to-go when it comes to those pesky TSA rules. I also opt to keep my routine low maintenance while away. I can leave fancy serums and exfoliators at home and just stick with the basics for a few days: cleanser and moisturizer. I use sample size makeup from my Birchbox. Depending on where I’m going, I may skip shampoo/conditioner if my destination has it, or use refillable bottles to bring my own. All my toiletries are in the blue Beauty Bag (similar here), except my hair smoothing serum.
  • I think through outfit and shoe options in advance. I really invest some time in this part of the process. I bring lots of things I can mix and match and limit the number of pairs of shoes I bring. My travel day outfit is a great way to transport bulkier items and shoes, like sneakers. I usually pack a few extra outfit options, but sacrifice bringing my cute summer wedges to conserve space. It’s all a give and take! 🙂 Take a peek at how I helped my mom pack here.
You’re so cute, wedges. But you’re not making the cut. I need to pack my hair dryer.
  • Yes, I pack my hair dryer. The full-sized thing. My hair is long and super thick, so hotel dryers (and even my friends’ dyers if I’m visiting), simply don’t cut it. It’s worth it to me to pack my own. This is where the Getaway bag is super helpful – I typically use that space to pack this guy.
    (Update: I just discovered that this brand has a few travel sized options… POTENTIAL GAME CHANGER.  They seem too inexpensive though! I’m skeptical.. They’re here, here, and here. What do you think?)
  • I pack as much jewelry as I want. As long as it fits in my travel jewelry box, it makes the cut. It’s a compact travel case and a great way to mix up my ensemble on my trip with minimal space utilized. This goes in my Getaway tote, too.
  • I use every bit of space. After I roll all my clothes, I stuff socks, underwear, swimsuits, and other odds-and-ends in the nooks and crannies. In my Getaway tote, I load up my laptop, iPad, a refillable water bottle, a light sweater and scarf for when I inevitably get cold on the plane. Ear buds and charging cords are neatly stored in a pouf. I pack a thin foldable tote in the outside suitcase pocket for a beach or shopping bag during the trip. I use the City Slim clutch, which I have in several colors, as a dual wallet and clutch – it has card slots that are perfect for my ID and credit cards.

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect luggage…my carry on does not have the spinner wheels, which I think are practically essential! 😉 I’ve been eyeing these fancy ones from Away that also has charging capabilities. Does anyone have a good review?

That pretty much covers it! It’s amazing how much can fit with a little strategic thinking and creative use of space. Did these tips help you muster the courage to go carry-on only on your next flight? Is there anything you’d like me to elaborate on? I’d love to know what you think – please leave a note in the comments!

Bon voyage!

xo, Charlotte

Lilly Pulitzer + Totem Tassel Necklace 4 Ways

Who do I know who loves Lilly Pulitzer?! One of my top picks for our Stella & Dot summer sale that ends TODAY is this gorgeous Totem Tassel Necklace. I absolutely love this easy breezy style and it pairs perfectly with all your patterned resort chic favorites. This piece is an absolute steal at under $50 and it’s versatile. The pendant itself has removable elements and the chain can be worn short or long. Mix it up for many options!

This post isn’t sponsored by LP – I’m just a Lilly-loving Stella & Dot Stylist sharing two of my favorite brands and how well they pair together! 🙂 

I love wearing this necklace with all white, coordinating it with a turquoise ensemble, or layering it over hot pink for a bold color pop. Here it is styled with Lilly Pulitzer four different ways to inspire your summer outfits:

1. Life’s a Beach

Totem Tassel 4

Shorts | Tank | Tote | Pineapple Tumbler | Flip Flops

2. Cocktail Party Chic

totem tassel 3

Dress | Wedges | Highball Glasses | Clutch

3. Dinner Date by The Sea

Totem tassel 2

Jeans | Top | Pouch | Earrings | Sandals

4. Lipstick & Ladies Lunch Out

Totem Tassel 1


Dress | Shoes | Sunnies | Lipstick | Pillow | Tote – Similar here and here

Which look is your fave? Let me know in the comments!

With so many ways to style it, you’ll want to hurry and snap up the Totem Tassel Necklace before the sale ends at midnight! You can get the coordinating bracelet for a steal, too.

And if you spend $75, you can add on this adorable “Good Vibes” pouch for only $9.99. This is PERFECT for your sunscreen, SPF lip balm, phone, and keys inside of your beach tote!

A few more sale styles my Lilly-loving gals will adore:

Alila Lace Cuff | Breezeblock Enamel Bangle | Brio Tassel Necklace | Fete Bracelet | Hazel Statement Necklace | Strength Bracelet

Happy Shopping! 🙂

How to Pack for a Resort Vacation

My parents are headed off to Jamaica this weekend for a trip to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. I’m so excited for them as it’s a much-needed vacation AND their first trip to an all-inclusive resort. Since Brad and I raved about our trip to Sandals in Jamaica for our honeymoon, they decided to go check it out! They are staying at a different resort location and I’m sure it will be equally amazing. My mom asked me to help her pack while I was visiting last weekend and give her some insight on what she really needed to bring and what she could leave behind. I’ve also been fortunate to earn all-inclusive trips to Jamaica and Costa Rica courtesy of Stella & Dot (an amazing perk of being a Stylist), so I’ve improved my packing strategy along the way.  Before I share my tips, let’s take a moment to appreciate how adorable my parents are…



The best!

OKAY. Back to packing tips. 🙂

1. Pre-packing. Before I pack for any trip, I like to take a mental walk through each day and think through what I plan to do. Of course, on vacation, it’s mostly relaxing, enjoying a great meal, and generally living on island time. This is the opportunity to highlight any excursions or activities, any meals that require a dressier outfit, and travel days. For example, my parents are doing a catamaran cruise one day and packed specific shoes for on the boat. My mom also thought through which bathing suit and coverup combo would be ideal – considering comfort, function, a coverup with sun protection, etc. That way, she won’t wear that outfit to the beach earlier in the trip.

After making a loose outline of the days’ events, start pulling out outfit possibilities. Mom pulled out her handy rolling rack and we were able to hang up outfit options to sift through.

2. Function + style. Consider both elements when selecting outfits. We started by thinking through what to wear for the day of travel. When traveling to a resort, I like to take into account both comfort on the plane and upon arrival in a tropical climate (read: HOT and HUMID). We selected an adorable pair of linen beach pants – they feel like PJ pants while sitting on the plane yet are breezy enough for hot weather – an embellished tank, espadrille flats, and a few fun accessories.

Bonus tip: This tote will be used on the plane and on the beach throughout the trip. It’s saavy to think through what can do “double duty” while traveling – the hat is another item that coordinates with several outfits. Mom will also have a lightweight, white cardigan to wear if the plane is chilly and at any point throughout the rest of the vacation. Wearing the sweater, hat, and using the tote on the plane saves suitcase space!

A few big trends right now are multi colors, pom poms, fringe, and tassels. I think Mom nailed it and brought it all back to her personal style with a classic monogram. It’s the perfect combination of preppy with a beachy boho twist. 

Funny story: Before I went on my trip to Costa Rica, I stopped into DSW for a fun pair of vacation sandals. I tried on this pair and this pair and debated briefly before selecting the second option, shown in the photo above. About a month later, my mom sent me two pictures of sandals asking which I liked better…

They were the EXACT two pairs. lol! We have super similar taste, but this took it to a whole new level. 🙂
Naturally, I told her to get the pair I had ended up with myself!

3. Limit daytime outfits. While at the resort, chances are the majority of the daytime hours will be spent in swimwear and a coverup. It’s not necessary to bring tons of casual wear for the days. Pack one pair of white or denim shorts and two or three tops (tank tops or tee shirts that take up minimal space) that can mix and match.

Mom isn’t actually bringing this paddle fan or flask, but how fun are they?! It’s safe to say we had fun styling these photos together.

4. Pack plenty of swimsuit and coverup options. Since you will be spending the majority of your time in your swimwear at the resort, feel free to pack plenty. I like to bring a different coverup option, like a caftan or casual sundress, for each day, and a bathing suit for each day with a few mix and match options. This is what we planned for Mom’s vacation wardrobe. It might seem a little excessive, but since this is what you are going to spend most of your time wearing, it’s worth it to have plenty of options–and the option to change into a dry suit if need be! I also like to put a little thought into coordinating “swim outfits” by matching the coverup and swimsuit.

Don’t forget all the essentials for fun in the sun! A hat, plenty of sunscreen, aloe, flip flops, a beach book, and sunglasses. Mom loves collecting sea glass and is hoping to make an excursion to a sea glass beach that is the result of an old bottling company’s dumping grounds.

5. Resort chic outfits for dinner. At the resorts I’ve been to, most of the dining options are fairly casual, with the exception of one of the dining options that is dressier. Check your resort for any dress code details. I personally think it’s fun to get a few new wardrobe items for a vacation, especially for that fancier evening. My mom got a very cute high-low romper–I mean, how on-trend is she!? I didn’t take a picture of it (it’s not the type of style that will photograph very well laying flat), but here are two other options we packed for dinners. Notice she passed on heels or wedges and stuck with flats. With so many cute sandals available now, why bother with being uncomfortable OR using up the space in your suitcase?? You’re on vacation, after all!

I love the lattice pattern on the shorts and this classic color combination. This outfit is breezy and comfortable while still looking polished and chic – especially when blinged up with bejeweled flats and Stella & Dot accessories!

Doesn’t this nautical striped dress just scream “vacation”? SUCH a cute style and I love pairing the graphic stripe with the punchy, colorful sandals and a bright bracelet stack. The hat and/or sunnies are ideal for a dinner as the sun is setting over the sea.

6. Don’t forget the foundations! I always double or triple check to make sure I’ve packed the basics: undergarments needed for the specific outfits packed, a pair of socks or two for chilly toes at night, and pajamas. I also like to throw in a pair of workout shorts and a tank in case I want to do a beachside yoga class, a brisk walk, or for just lounging around.

Ultimately, you’re better off making your life easy and packing light. It’s totally possible to take less clothing and still be ultra stylish with a pit of planning ahead. Of course, you can pack as many accessories as you can cram into your travel jewelry box! 🙂 That’s a great way to switch up your look with a small amount of space.

Where are you headed for your next vacation? I hope these packing tips help you streamline your outfit options!

5 Items Currently on my Wish List

We’ve all been there, right? That moment when your wish list exceeds your budget. Okay, let’s be real – I’m pretty much there all the time. I LOVE shopping, but often these days, window shopping AKA browsing online has to cut it. Thanks to the creepy intelligence of the internet, these images are showing up on my social media feeds on repeat…

Soludos Classic Stripe Sandal

How cute are these?! I love anything with a classic stripe. These have me dreaming of strolls along a cobblestone road in a coastal town. These would be so cute styled with a smart pair of shorts and a silk top for a preppy look. With a breezy floral or embroidered dress they would take on a more boho vibe. I think they’re perfect for mixing with other patterns and bright colors for lots of visual interest!

Blue and White Caftan

Who has ordered from I haven’t yet, but there are quite a few things that have caught my eye. I’m honestly a bit skeptical–the prices seem too good to be true! I have noticed that several bloggers wear their items though, so I think that’s a good sign.

I love this printed caftan. Blue and white is my favorite combination, and the pom pom detail is just adorable. This breezy, retro-chic vibe would be perfectly preppy with my monogrammed Jack Rogers and Stella & Dot Iris Tassel Earrings.

Jack Rogers Flamingo Sandal

“Another pair of shoes?” you’re thinking, right? So I like accessories and footwear, sue me! 😉 These whimsical flamingo sandals are just too cute for words. I love the color combo of white, pink, and gold for summer – they would coordinate so well with much of my existing wardrobe! Alas, this style was such a hit that it’s already sold out. I’m keeping my eye out for them to come back in stock…

In the meantime, JR is offering 20% off an order of $100+ with promo code SUN20 or 25% off an order of $150+ with promo code SUN25 through midnight tonight! Perfect to scoop up some pineapples perhaps? This post is not sponsored, I’m just a gal who truly loves her Jacks! 🙂

Embroidered Versatile Top

I’ve always loved beautiful detailed embroidery, and it’s wonderful to see it popping up everywhere as a major trend this season. Now, if you’re a Stella sister, I’ll bet you saw the word “versatile” and your heart started beating a little faster. We love wearing our accessories many different ways, and this top is in that same camp–you can wear it off-the-shoulder or on.

This is super convenient because OTS is one of the cutest, yet most annoying trends. You look oh-so stylish hanging out at a backyard BBQ or casually sipping wine with your girlfriends, but the second you lift your arm to wave at your bestie who just arrived…it’s all over. Raise your hand if ya feel me! (Or don’t, depending on your attire!) This top is perfect for whatever the night brings you…may it be an impromptu dance party, you will have no worries.

Lilly Pulitzer Shorts

I’ve loved Lilly for as long as I can remember! The punchy prints are just so much fun and these shorts fit the bill. I love that they’re loose and lightweight for the hot months ahead, yet still seriously chic. The pink and blue print is right up my alley. I would dress these up with a silky tank, wedge sandals, and gold jewels for a night out or a simple cotton tank and Sparkle Studs for a casual afternoon of working from home.

So there you have it! Five of my fave items that have caught my eye online. Can you see yourself donning any of these styles this season?


April Showers Style Inspiration

This drizzly day has me seeking out style inspiration with rainboots! I love the fun colors for spring! I only have a black pair so I think a colorful pair may need to mosey on into my wardrobe!

THIS BLOG claims no credit for any images posted on this post. Images on this blog are copyright to its respectful owners. If there is an image appearing on this blog that belongs to you and do not wish for it appear on this site, please E-mail with a link to said image and it will be promptly removed.

boho apartment trunk show

Styled by Charlotte: Boho Apartment Trunk Show

How gorgeous is this boho apartment decor? Serene neutrals, lots of texture, cute succulents, and rustic elegance made this adorable space an ideal backdrop to a chic Stella & Dot trunk show.

The accessories were displayed effortlessly on the nesting coffee tables in the center of the living space and the desk area to the side. This season’s neutrals, leather details, and elegant essentials played perfectly with the decor.

Styled by Charlotte: Boho Apartment Trunk Show

My fabulous hostesses (a college bestie!) set up a scrumptious cheese board to snack on and there was an abundance of rose and pinot grigio. We had a fabulous group of girlfriends join us for a laid-back happy hour. Trying on all the latest jewels was an absolute blast! I shared some current trends and style solutions. Fun was had by all!

Styled by Charlotte: Boho Apartment Trunk Show

My hostess modeled our elegant essentials: the Luna Pendant and Double Horn Pendant Necklace. Her chic decor vibe translated into her sleek ensemble of a heather gray asymmetric tee and white denim.

I happened to be playing with a boho look, too, and felt like I fit right in! 😉 I wore a simple breezy black slip dress with tan block heels and our Genevieve Tassel Necklace. I am SO ready for fall colors, y’all! Boho chic isn’t my typical vibe, but I’m seriously getting on board. Comfy tops, sweaters, and dresses layered with tons of pendants? Sign me up!

My favorite part of the event is spoiling my fabulous hostess with a Stella & Dot shopping spree. She earned over $300 in complimentary Style Rewards and gets to shop at half off–playing host truly has it’s perks!

Do you absolutely LOVE this chic apartment? Let me know in the comments!

Styled by Charlotte: Boho Apartment Trunk Show

Get the look: Top (similar) / jeans (similar) / Luna Pendant / Double Horn Pendant

Styled by Charlotte: Boho Apartment Trunk Show

Styled by Charlotte: Boho Apartment Trunk Show

Get the look: Shoes / Dress (similar) / Arc Pendant / Genevieve Tassel
Hammered Wire Hoops / Bridge Bracelet / Addison Cuff

Floral Romper

Styled by Charlotte: Floral Romper

Last weekend, Brad and I made a day trip down to Ocean City, NJ. We love spending a few hours strolling the boardwalk, popping into surf shops and enjoying a treat from Kohr Brothers. I love vanilla with chocolate sprinkles in a cup and Brad craves strawberry-banana with rainbow sprinkles in a cone. 🙂 It’s the little things in life.

Styled by Charlotte: Floral Romper

We always grab pizza at Manco & Manco’s for lunch. Be sure to grab a slice if you ever visit. Let’s be serious…grab 2-3 slices! The joint is a Pottieger family favorite. Brad grew up vacationing in Ocean City with his family and it’s been so much fun to get in on the tradition. I can easily envision him and his brothers and cousins taking the boardwalk by storm.

Styled by Charlotte: Floral Romper

It was a hot day at the shore and I was glad I wore this breezy floral romper. I love the off-the-shoulder and ruffle details. This was a gift from my friend Brittany. I was a bridesmaid in her wedding earlier this summer and we all wore these outfits while getting ready. I love outfits that are both comfy and chic and this one absolutely fits the bill! I styled the look with gold fringe sandals to easily walk the boardwalk and white + gold accessories from Stella & Dot. A topknot was an absolute necessity on the hot summer day!

Styled by Charlotte: Floral Romper

Styled by Charlotte: Floral Romper

Styled by Charlotte: Floral Romper

Styled by Charlotte: Floral Romper

Styled by Charlotte: Floral Romper

Romper / Sandals / Earrings / Wrap Bracelet
Pearl Bracelet / Enamel Bangle / Watch / Sunnies / Tote (retired) – Similar here
Diamond Initial Necklace: Contact me for details at

Meet Rachelle

Styled by Charlotte: Meet Rachelle

Y’all. I am seriously crushing on these GORGEOUS Rachelle Tassel Chandeliers from the Stella & Dot Fall collection. They are completely stunning. These pictures really don’t do them justice!! Is it bad to wear them every day!?

Statement earrings are an easy way to jazz up an outfit. I wore these beauties with a causal heather grey tee and white jeans. The chandeliers seriously elevate the look! I will style them in a similar fashion once the chill of fall is in the air. Dark denim and a leather jacket are a perfect match. Effortless style!

Tassels are here to stay as a major fashion trend and accessories are a great way to get in on the fun. One thing I love about this pair of earrings is that the embellishment is hand-sewn onto genuine leather, which is not only amazing materials and craftsmanship, but makes them feather light! SCORE.

Of course, Rachelle can be completely dressed up for fall weddings and holiday parties with your favorite LBD. I think you’ll love her!

Styled by Charlotte: Meet Rachelle

Styled by Charlotte: Meet Rachelle

Styled by Charlotte: Meet Rachelle

Get the look: Rachelle Tassel Chandeliers